Located in Trebbo di Reno, only a few minutes away from downtown Bologna, Massimiliano Poggi Cucina is a country restaurant with the warm welcome and aesthetics of a great contemporary eating spot and the intimacy of a typical Bolognese home.


Elegance and minimalist style with natural light during the day and a star-studded ceiling at night: our main room can accommodate up to 34 guests for a relaxed, pleasant and informal environment. A private room for 8 people is available for special lunches or dinners, or for exclusive events in the company of the chef.
In the summer, our outdoor seating area accommodates 50 guests, offering peace and privacy even outdoors.


As in all the great restaurants, even at Massimiliano Poggi Cucina the teamwork is important. The kitchen and dining brigade is made up of young, professional and dynamic people.
Alongside Massimiliano Poggi there is the young sous-chef Marco Canelli, who has grown professionally with the chef already in the Vicolo Colombina and Al Cambio restaurants, with an experience at Bottura’s La Francescana in 2016. He worked with Poggi and married his philosophy since 2011.